Frequently Asked Questions
*Questions That Have Been Asked Like 2 Or 3 Times And Now We Made This Stupid Website No One Will Read To Answer Them

What's the point of this stupid game?

Who is "we"? Who made all of this?

What program did you use to make Ramone?

Is this game really free?

Help! The game crashes right when I launch it!

Help! The game crashes...somewhere else!

What does the cowboy/rain in turtle woods/Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile logo stand for? I don't get that.

I read through this whole FAQ and it was so boring! Could you at least place a dank meme here so I feel entertained?

System requirements: Windows 7 or newer, at least 2GB RAM, a fairly good processor, latest version of DirectX. A screen, mouse and keyboard are great too!
Disclaimer: This game is really stupid pure satire. Don't take ANYTHING in it too serious.